Friday, June 7, 2013

Amsterdam day 3...

After a late breakfast, due to some extra time sleeping, it was time to explore some of the city with our rented bicycles. Prior to this excursion, we had only traveled by bus and taxi on the main roads. The bikes allowed everyone to get a much better perspective on some of the Amsterdam neighborhoods. Larry took a few of the boys on an extended ride and happened to find an interesting Turkish cafe. Surprisingly enough, they enjoyed the Turkish pizza (Armenian lamajun) that is prepared with a spicy lamb mixture. Tomas and I went on a marathon walk to the main train station in search of some more "traditional" American fare which consisted of a bacon cheeseburger, a candy bar and the very Dutch Chocomel. After all of the exercise, we all decided to relax a bit before deciding on dinner. Everyone enjoyed the bike rides so much, they all decided to head back out for a bit before heading upstairs to pack for our 7 am departure from the hotel. Everyone had a bite to eat and headed upstairs early for the 5:45 roll call and breakfast prior to our next plane ride and beginning of our adventures in Denmark. Off to Hilltop!!

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