Saturday, June 8, 2013

On to Denmark...

Today was another great day loaded with interesting and fun activities. We were up early to eat a good breakfast and get to the airport. Everyone was up on time and really enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the hotel that included many different Dutch breakfast items as well as several options for beverages. Hot chocolate seemed to be the hot item of the day. After breakfast, we all gathered in the hotel lobby for a brief meeting to discuss the agenda for the day. First, we took two cabs to the Schiphol Airport for our hour and ten minute flight. We boarded a less than full plane which gave us room to move around and be more comfortable. Just over an hour later, we arrived in Billund, Denmark and were met by our outstanding guide Andreas. He drove us to the school and secured a fantastic Danish lunch in the Hilltop dining room. We then were able to relax and unpack and learn some of the finer points of the educational system in Denmark. Then it was off to the bowling alley for "Beef and Bowl", which includes a great buffet after a few strings of bowling. We had two teams made up of some Danes and Americans on each team. Everyone had a "ball"!!! After filling ourselves with the necessary nutrients as well as a few bowls of ice cream, we headed back to the school for some free time. A couple of the boys participated in Hilltop party and the rest hung out with the Danish boys talking and playing video games in their apartment. All had a great time and were actually a little disappointed when we told them it was time to turn in for the night, but they relented and got some well-needed rest for our full-day trip in the morning.

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  1. Well, well, seems like food is the theme of the day. Are you guys exercising those calories off?
    I am curious, which language are you guys speaking now? dutengdan?