Monday, June 10, 2013

Day in Aarhus...

Good morning everyone! Today it is off to the city of Aarhus and the Aros Art Museum which was created in 1859 and is the largest art collection in Denmark outside of Copenhagen. One of the most exciting pieces is a sculpture by Australian Ron Muecks called "Boy". He stands some 15 feet high and weighs 1110 pounds! He is more real than you can imagine down to each minuscule detail. The boys were quite enthralled with it as well as Larry and myself. The other favorite was the Rainbow Room which is called a "floating" piece of art that is 10 stories high and overlooks the entire city. Next it was off to "Old Town", which is an open air museum of Danish buildings that were erected between 1550 and 1900 and are currently decorated in historical style with townsfolk dressed in period style outfits. It was quite interesting to see and had the feel of Plimouth Plantation. After all the museums, it was time to get some ice cream and a great walk in the gorgeous Aarhus harbor that had many beautiful wooden boats and a modern marina. The boys enjoyed walking on the jetty out to the small lighthouse at the harbor's entrance. While returning it was decided that we would stop and get some sandwiches for dinner at a new shop called Cow & Chicken. All of the Americans had pulled pork and the Danes tried it as well on some of their more typical rugbrod (traditional rye). The night needed to be an early one as we were all participating in Hilltop classes and groups.


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