Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday on the move....

Today began with more Chef Larry omelets consisting of bacon and fresh vegetables! Then it was off to to a few job sites in Skive. First was a fantastic complex with a GIANT pool, water slide, wave pool, full fitness center, movie theaters, a handball court (full size gym) and several concert halls. We were able to swim for a bit after receiving some instructions from Hilltop student Christian. After swimming, we went on a guided tour with Christian, Kirsten and Jimmy. Tomas even got to play the piano in one of the concert halls and wowed everyone! Next was a ride to see Simon on a farm estate to see him as a forest worker trainee. What an incredibly beautiful place that we were able to tour. Some of the buildings on the expansive property were hundreds of years old. We enjoyed both settings so much, we had to call the school to have them save us lunch due to being late. After a filling lunch, we had two options for afternoon classes. Ryan, David and Larry chose to watch a few Hilltop students do presentations in an English class; while Hunter, Tomas and me participated in a very strenuous but relaxing Yoga class. After the school day ended, there was more laundry to do and we had a delicious chicken cordon-bleu and roasted potato dinner. After cleaning up, it was time for the boys to enjoy some activities with the Hilltop students. Hunter and Tomas went on a nice walk on the beautiful grounds while Ryan watched a "football" game with some staff and students. David chose to use the computers in the gaming room. Later in the evening as we were gathering for bed, Simon came down the hall with a fantastic cake he had made that was enjoyed by all with some leftover for breakfast coffee time. Another incredible day here at Hilltop!!!

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